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  1. Scoz
  2. Doricá
  3. Guacamole
  4. Transiciones
  5. 9jam
  6. Let´s Talk
  7. Bucando
  8. Pink Henry


Resonus is a Puerto Rican experimental jazz-rock band, emphasis on
"experimental". This is not your typical jazz or rock group. Resonus brings you the
"in your face" attitude from rock while adding some improv from jazz and then
adding everything and anything else that they can think of in between. There's a bit
of everything for everyone in Resonus' music. There are moments of pure
heaviness, progressive odd-times, moments of psychedelia, and for balance, some
chill ambience. They also include rhythmic tribal beats and Puerto Rican folklore
rhythms. You will find yourself bopping your head to their funky grooves and won't
be able to stop your stank-face from showing while being mind-blown with their
technical mastery.
The band was formed by the duo of Jon Santos (Drums) and José Blondet (guitar).
These two world-class musicians connected instantly and with their ingenuity, the
music flowed naturally. In time, Jorge “Bebo” Rivera (Keyboards/Synths) joined in
with some of his synth magic and Manuel “Kiké” Rodríguez (Bass) who tied it all
up with his badass dexterity on the bass. Resonus provides a multidimensional
experience that you don't want to miss.

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